Built STRONG, Built BEAUTIFUL, Inside & Out.

If you can't get into our studio location, consider joining us online! BelaBody Fitness offers a complete program for anyone looking to train effectively and get the results specific for their own body type and goals! This is ideal for clients who are looking to take their training to the next level with expert hands-on coaching.  

  • A customized training program: Your workouts will change every month, ensuring training advancement and reducing boredom!  Each month you'll receive your custom program, personal and/or video instruction for quality performance. 

  • Nutrition Coaching & Support: You will get a customized FIT Nutrition Lifestyle Plan specific for you and your goals.  Learn the importance of proper macronutrient intake, balanced meals, clean eating lifestyle tips, quality meal replacement support and so much more!  

  • A Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Check-in Call or E-mail with your own BBF Coach!  We are here for your success and are always just a phone call and/or text a way! 

  • Exclusive Access to our BBF On-Line Support: Visit our page for fun additional training tips and motivation from our coaches and fellow BBF Clients. 

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