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Session Descriptions

ABSalute BODYbasix™:  Having a strong body means having a strong core and maintain flexibility -- so salute and honor your body during this class!  Usually when you think of your ''core'' you might assume that we mean your abs, but not only are your abs part of your core, so are your lower back, hips, and glutes. Developing strength in those areas as well as gaining flexibility through yoga postures, soft-tissue work, dynamic stretching is vital ! We will work your core to the MAX and help increase your flexibility using various tools such as the TRX bands, BOSU, Yoga postures, Foam Rollers and Strap work.  Please a yoga mat, water, towel and sneakers.

BODYworks™: ​​ A 60-minute strength class that will increase your lean muscle mass and sculpt your upper body with limited use of equipment. A combination of free weights, body-work exercises, some machines and proper instruction guarantees results. Please bring water, towel and sneakers for this class.

BOOTY BootCamp™: A 60-minute Glutes and Legs training class is sure to provide you with results to a tighter, firmer and sculpted lower half! Expert instruction in isolation and angles using limited equipment, free weights and body-work exercises is guaranteed to give you a "Knock-Out Booty"! Please bring water, towel and sneakers for this class.

FULLbody FLEX™: This class will increase your lean muscle mass and work your entire body!  A balanced focus on upper and lower body training is part of this regimen.   This class offers compounds and isolations including combinations of free weights, body-work exercises and some machine work.  Proper instruction guarantees results! Please bring water, towel and sneakers.

KickinBODY™:  A 60-minute cardiovascular conditioning class including kickboxing, calisthenics, plyos and body conditioning exercises. Students are sure to get in "die-hard" shape with this high-intensity, fat burning class! Please bring water, towel and sneakers for this class.

TotalBODY HIIT™: This class takes you from various cardiovascular and strength moves in 20-second bursts of high-intensity training, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times in a row. Working out in short, intense bursts of energy (with very short recovery) has an incredible effect on your body, both inside and out. This class incorporates the tabata and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) protocol, both of which have been scientifically proven to increase your endurance and athletic performance, while also decreasing your body fat and increasing your metabolic rate. This class has been designed incorporating both philosophies giving you the ultimate fat-burning results!  Please bring water, sneakers and a towel.
An excellent and most popular option at BBF is our small group training program. We offer sessions daily, including weekends, to fit any schedule. Our sessions are for any fitness level -- from beginner to advanced --  and are capped at 5 people in order to maximize our time and personal instruction. 
This program includes a customized nutrition plan and measurements tracking.  Sessions have been designed with over 15+ year of fitness professional experience ensuring quality and effectiveness helping you meet all of your goals!